Industrial Design | Smart Plant

Plant Container Holder


About the Project

This project is aiming to encourage people grow their own salads green, herbs and plants in their apartment to deliver a healthy lifestyle while being eco-friendly by reuse plastic container packaging, such as ice cream container.


Objectives: Product Design Engineering. 
Team: Individual Project
Date: Jan 2014 - May 2014

The Concept

The smart holder shares an extendable function, which allows it to carry various size of containers, and user could simply attach them on any vertical walls or balcony rolls to crate a nice green decoration meanwhile space saving. User could observe their plants through mobile app and being reminded of the situation and 




Prototyping | Material Testing 

Based on the design solution‭, ‬various materials have been tested in order to perform the expected extend-able function‭, ‬which including foams‭, ‬aluminum and Polyvinyl chloride‭. ‬The back clip is designed to allows user hold their plant on the vertical platform with a simple clip‭.‬