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SayWhat is the hilarious video version of urban dictionary for all trending slang. User could search and explore new trending words explained by creative videos from contributors all over the world. Or one can become a contributor to act their own understanding of such word in many hilarious way.


How to assist user to explore the word they are interested?

From SayWhat, user could simply choose a "collection of terms" and through each collection, all the terms will be listed as either word or video, the main challenge is to arrange the list in order and make it visually appealing.

User Interface has been developed in various stages, in order to differentiate "collection list" from "term list", and allow user to discover more easily, the final design is replacing form of list to icon display.


What is in a video display moment?

More feature has been added on the video display page strategically as the product grow. Initially, the moment only shares limited action to user, which includes view count, comment and the like feature. Due to increasing user views and growth of the amount of words, features like Caption, Collection Category, Total Number of Video Contents, Leaderboard and How to act the term has been added to page.


The Nomination User Flow

In order to attract more user engaged of making new videos and allow contributors to communicate more with each other, an action of "nomination" to nominate someone to create their own definition of a word under special scenario. The below contents has showed the user journey to invite their friends externally or nominate some popular user internally to act out a chosen word with a specific challenging direction.


User Interface Design & Development 


User Flow Example


Icon Collection