UX Research & UX | Running Route Match


Project Brief

The final concept is aimed to carry out a smart routes matching solution to enhance runners experience of finding running routes while traveling. In order to valid the valuable problem and identify market needs, user research played the major role at the beginning of this project, which including user survey, observation, interview and workshops.


Objectives: Business Strategy. User Research. User Experience Design. Interface Design. 
Team: Individual Project
Date: Jan 2016 - May 2016

The Problem

Imagine if you are a big fan of running, have a habit to take a short jog every morning before work, while you are on a business trip or traveling, where do you run?


Current User Behavior

Through survey and interviews, I am aiming to discover how people try to find new running routes when they are visiting a city. Result shows 48% of people will not look up for specific routes but just jog around their accommodations or office. The rest will search for "heat map" offered by Strava and Nike Run, to identify local running area and create their own routes in mind by google map. The Map My Run app has been mentioned, which offers a list of tracked routes in the searched location.


User Journey Test

I have tested the solutions mentioned by runners, by visiting Boston, New York Central Park and Burlington. The tested process is from search for popular running routes - plan my routes on notebook - locate routes through google map - run - take photos. The result shows for the first timer, it is not even easy to run in the park , decision needs to made and checked before each turn. For the test in Burlington, I end up running into a high way and have to get back without meeting my targets or see any views at all.


Interview of Targeted User 

Following runners are chosen from people who care about their running routes and been training for road running races in their daily routine. Interviews are focused on their daily running habits, tracking behavior, race experience and how they share their journey, in order to identify opportunities.


User Pain Point

  • Runners had hard time to find similar running route when were traveling to a new place.
  • The process of planning running route is complicated through different platform.
  • Runner want to have most valuable running routes for travel experience.

Persona. The early adopter .

Someone who runs and travels. Ideally the person shares an adventure sprite and willing to discover new places around the world and challenges the usual. This person would like to share his experience through various social media platform and influence their friends and family to the product.



The Solution Scenario

When Jonny meets Patrick's Route! Through match the traveling runner (Jonny) with another local runner (Patrick) based on their tracked routes data, such as average running pace, mileage and other running habits, the system will recommend the running routes (only the route) from the locals matches.


Competitor Analysis

What makes RM different in the current market? I have bench marked all the major competitors in the current market, aim to identify what feature could be included while developing RM. And how to generate the business model make RM unique and stand out from the market.


The Design Process

Start from considering the storyboard of user's behavior while searching or browsing routes informationthrough RM. The main focus lays on two challenge:  How to "filter" all the searched result, which would allow user finding the most relevant information as soon as possible. And What are the major information should be involved in each running route, this will allow user to better understand the routes and make their decision.








Test Feedbacks 

Feedbacks from users allow me to organize User flow better and apply improvement on each screen connection.  Add more detail information to the route list view, including  personal pace, time, distance, rating of the route, mood of each run, weather condition of each run and note section. In the future potentially add sharing feature of social media, allow user to share the experience through other platform after the run, or maybe recommend the road to a friend.