UX & UI | TS Website Redesign


Project Overview

The project is aim to redesign Travel Savvy website, focused on content list, home and search page aesthetics in trying to fulfill the goal of increasing the traffic from search engine and boost user engagement. As a result, the redesign successfully raised organic search traffic by 71.43%, number of pages viewed per session by 21.34% and the duration per visit by 76.92%.


The Problem 

  • High bounce rate 

  • Low on search ranking 

  • Current site is not responsive from desktop to mobile 


Objectives: User Experience Design.  Interface Design. 
Team: Karen Wang. BoYun Yang. Peter Kim
Date: Feb 2016 - May 2016




"How might we improve structure for a Multi-media Travel Website? " 


Wireframe Process


Feedback from Stakeholder 


The Header 

For the header design, we have added a headline under our logo to market the content better. From marketing and branding perspective, this offers an idea to user of what we do as Travel Savvy. All social icons have updated as a button, aims to triggers user's attention and add the "Email" subscription button compare to originals.   




Home Page 

Shifted from business focused to content focused,  thinks as a visitor. 

We reworked the site’s home page and the sandwich navigation in an attempt to help the user explore the most popular and recent content, compare to browse the content based on published time and categories. 


Content Page 

Creating a eco system in the platform. 

As researching and compare with our competitors, we have redesigned framework of our content page focused on the followings: highlight content title, enlarge video display, add more social media sharing buttons, redesigned content text structure to enhance readability, etc. 


Search Page

Originally, the search page is designed to be a pop up page to overlay on current home page. As our content keeps growing, searched page have been designed with filter based on categories. Factor as title, date of published, related topic and content summary within 109 character has been included for preview section.